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Restaurants: Red Hot & Blue Returns to Cary

Red Hot & Blue

Cary, NC — If you’ve been in Cary long enough, like me, then you might remember the old Red Hot & Blue that used to reside in Waverly Place. The restaurant closed down even before Waverly’s renovation, but word has it that a new Red Hot & Blue will open there again this month.

New Restaurant, Same Location

I was a little kid the last time I ate at Red Hot & Blue–and even though I was a picky eater, I remember always looking forward to our family dinners there. I loved the restaurant’s sweet barbecue sauce and would always share a messy plate of ribs with my parents.

That restaurant closed many years ago, so you can imagine the nostalgia I felt when I heard that a brand new Red Hot & Blue was opening in Waverly Place–right where it was before.

Even if you haven’t lived in Cary for a long time–or if you just never dined at the old Red Hot & Blue–you’ve probably heard of it. The Memphis-style barbecue franchise has 25 locations in the United States–including two nearby in North Raleigh and Winston Salem.

Red Hot & Blue

In case my ten-year-old memories aren’t enough, I’ll tell you a little more about the restaurant. A casual-themed chain and caterer, Red Hot & Blue features award-winning ribs, Memphis-style barbecue, hickory-smoked chicken wings, southern sides, and desserts.

All the barbecue is cooked slowly over hickory logs at low temperatures in the Red Hot & Blue kitchen. The restaurant’s atmosphere is cozy and laid-back–perfect for families–and it’s full of “blues-inspired” memorabilia. There are lots of Elvis decorations, of course.

The New Cary Store

The franchise has been preparing for the Cary opening for awhile now. Although the opening was originally predicted for fall, it is now expected to open mid-January 2015, or this month.

Apart from award winning barbecue, the restaurant is also known for its catering services. Customers can call 919-846-RIBS to order holiday dinners or grub for tailgating. And, even though the restaurant’s doors haven’t opened yet, many Cary residents have already gotten to sample Red Hot & Blue from their presence at local events.

Stay up-to-date on these events and on the restaurant’s progress by following them on Facebook.

Red Hot & Blue

These guitar-playing pigs are a decorative staple in all Red Hot & Blue restaurants.


Story by Jessica Patrick. Photos from Red Hot & Blue on Facebook.

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  1. BBQ Fan
    BBQ Fan says:

    The original site of Red Hot & Blue in Waverly Place was demolished and T.Mac restaurant is now there. It used to be located on the corner of Kildaire Farm Road and Tryon Road.

  2. local_yocal
    local_yocal says:

    Heck yeah! That place was great! I worked in the kitchen in H.S. Well, before the manager fired me for stealing beer. Right before he was fired for embezzling. And the other cooks were fired for doing “bad things” to people’s food!

    But man, all that great stuff they put on the walls! Can’t wait!

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