Historic Chatham County Courthouse Restored


Story and pictures by Hal Goodtree.

Pittsboro, NC – It was a big weekend in Cary. But perhaps the most significant news was the reopening of the historic Chatham County courthouse, almost destroyed in a fire three years ago. Read more

A Short Ride from Cary: Deep River Sporting Clays

From the blog of Julie Roland, our correspondent on all things Chatham County and the outdoor life.

Chatham County, NC – Imagine a sport that combines the excitement of shooting with the challenge of golf. That’s the idea behind Deep River Sporting Clays. Mark me down as a fan. Read more

Father’s Day: Thrill or Chill in Chatham County

Photo by Bill Gracey.

Cary, NC – Most of Cary is in Wake County. But a small sliver in the northwest corner is actually in Chatham. So we turned to Julie Roland, our favorite correspondent in Chatham County, for a run-down of Father’s Day ideas west of Highway 55. Read more

A Short Drive from Cary: Top 5 Things to Do in Chatham County

Story by Julie Roland. Photo by Jeff Chang.

Pittsboro, NC – Whether you call Chatham County home or are just visiting, you’ll find plenty to do and see.

From crusty pizza to hot air ballooning, biking, hiking and antiquing, here are my Top 5 Things To Do In Chatham County. Read more

A Short Drive From Cary: Carolina Tiger Rescue

Story by Julie Roland. Her Route 64 Journal in Pittsboro is part of the CaryCitizen publishing network. Photo by MacKensie Cornelius.

Pittsboro, NC -A short drive from Cary is the lovely town of Pittsboro, home to many artists, family farms, fabulous restaurants and personable shops. It’s also home to many tigers, lions and other wild big cats. Carolina Tiger Rescue houses over 25 large exotic cats that have been rescued from private owners. You can take a tour, and it’s just 20 minutes from Cary down Route 64. Read more