Historic Chatham County Courthouse Restored


Story and pictures by Hal Goodtree.

Pittsboro, NC – It was a big weekend in Cary. But perhaps the most significant news was the reopening of the historic Chatham County courthouse, almost destroyed in a fire three years ago.

Historic Chatham County Courthouse Restored

Founded in 1787, Pittsboro was incorporated as the seat of Chatham County government. Cary has a small footprint in Chatham County, so the restoration of the courthouse has relevance in our community.

A fire severely damaged the building in 2010, ironicaly in an accident related to restoration efforts, The Chatham County Commissioners immediately voted to rebuild.


A large exhibit of the history and story of Chatham County occupies much of the ground floor. The second floor holds the courtroom, newly refurbished to dispense justice for decades to come.

The restoration is very impressive, from historical details to modern amenities.

Celebrations, tours and special events continued all day on Saturday, with large and enthusiastic crowds trooping through the building.

Pittsboro is just about 10 miles west of Cary. If you haven’t visited recently (or ever), drive down for an afternoon of shopping in the historic district, catching some lunch and marveling at a piece of historic North Carolina, restored and reborn for future generations.










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