CIC Resident Durdana Ricchiutto Knows SEO

Story and photo by Lindsey Chester. Republished from Cary Innovation Center.

Cary, NC – All businesses want their website and information to come up high in a search of the internet. Some think you must pay for ad words. Other folks think you must create a convoluted “dot com address” encompassing all you wish to represent. And to many, their website ranking is a mystery and happens by sheer luck. Not to CIC resident Durdana Ricchiutto. Read more

This Week in Cary Business

Story by Lindsey Chester. Photo by Hal Goodtree. Above: NC Representative Tom Murry and Cary Chamber President Howard Johnson.

Cary, NC- Business is picking up steam in Cary and the surrounding Triangle. Here are a few news items and business events of interest to both entrepreneurs and titans of industry. Read more