Gale’s Blog: The Four Seasons

Cary, NC – The 2019 long session kicked off on a cold day in January. The majority’s budget was crafted in the warmth of spring and vetoed in the heat of summer. Fall’s beauty has taken a back seat to brief floor sessions with a paucity of votes, many ‘no vote’ sessions, a few hastily called committee meetings, stripped bills with titles that in no way reflect their contents, and several nonsensical recesses of varying lengths. Like a plane without tower clearance to land, the legislature remains in a holding pattern, waiting for Speaker Moore, Senator Berger and Governor Cooper to negotiate a compromise budget.

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Catching Up with Gale Adcock


Cary, NC — We recently spent an hour catching up with Gale Adcock, formerly a member of Cary Town Council, now serving in the North Carolina General Assembly as the representative for District 41. Read more

Gale Adcock Sworn in at NC State House

Raleigh, NC — The afternoon was bright and chilly as about 100 people gathered to witness Gale Adcock of Cary take the oath of office to represent District 41 in the North Carolina General Assembly. Read more

Adcock Inducted As Fellow In Academy of Nurse Practitioners

Cary, NC – According to, there are 2.9 million nurses in America. Of that total, only 158,000 are Nurse Practitioners, a masters-level accreditation.

This week, Gale Adcock of Cary, NC will be inducted as a Fellow of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, joining an elite group of 500 top nurses from across the country. Read more