Gardening: Creating an Indoor Garden

Cary, NC – Part of the fun of gardening is getting outside and breathing in fresh air and feeling real sunlight. But sometimes you may need to carefully control your environment or live in an apartment complex. In those circumstances, here are some tips and guides to creating an indoor garden. Read more

Gardening for the Holidays

Cary, NC – When you think about it, gardening and plants have a big role during the holidays. There’s the Christmas tree, poinsettia, holly, mistletoe, Christmas cactus and more. Read more

Garden: 5 Easy Indoor Plants for Winter

Cary, NC — Here we are, right in the middle of winter and the coldest part of the year. Gardening may be the last thing on many of our minds, but, if you still need some green, positive energy to keep your house lively, houseplants are the way to go. Read more

Garden: Caring for Indoor Succulents

Cary, NC — Several weeks ago, when I felt the first real chill of the season, I brought my beloved succulent plants indoors to keep them warm and well for winter. I didn’t just do it for them, though.  Read more


How To: Build a Terrarium


Cary, NC — I like to think of terrariums as magical miniature forests contained inside a glass bowl or vase. They add a colorful, unique, and beautifully natural element to your indoor decoration. The best part? They’re fun and simple to make.  Read more

Holiday Plants

Garden: Holiday Plants for Your Home

Holiday Plants

Cary, NC — There are plenty of holiday plants available to brighten your decor this season. The poinsettia is the most well known, but several others can also become perennials in your home with a little extra care. Read more

gardener gifts

2014 Holiday Gifts for The Gardener


Cary, NC — The yard may be laying dormant, but the gardener is planning the next season. We found some gifts that will give that special green-thumbed person reason to be joyful while cooped up inside. Read more