Go Green

Go Green in Cary with 3 Spring Events

Go Green

Cary, NC — To address the the growing Green movement, the Town of Cary’s Public Works Department has geared up with expanded Spruce events this Spring. Sarah Justice, Environmental Outreach Program Coordinator, was excited to tell CaryCitizen about three upcoming opportunities that help Cary residents “Go Green” with the Town. Read more


9/11 Day of Service – Gardens for Fire Stations


Cary, NC — On 9/11, in honor of our fire fighting service men, the Town of Cary announced a day of public works to show our gratitude. Read more

Celebrate Arbor Day, Receive a Tree


Story by Lindsey Chester. Photo by LCM1863. Ms. Chester is a member of Cary’s Parks & Rec Advisory Board.

Cary, NC- Until I became a home owner, I didn’t know much about trees. The Town of Cary and their SPRUCE department hope that Cary residents will turn out for their March 16 Arbor Day celebration and in the process receive a free dogwood sapling as a symbol of the day. The dogwood is also the Town’s tree and North Carolina’s state flower. Read more

Environment: Fall Litter Sweep In Cary

Photo from SPRUCE facebook page

Cary, NC – The Town is having their Fall Litter Sweep this Saturday, October 6, 2012 from 9-11:30 AM. You can help make the event a smashing success. Read more