9/11 Day of Service – Gardens for Fire Stations


Cary, NC — On 9/11, in honor of our fire fighting service men, the Town of Cary announced a day of public works to show our gratitude.

A Day of Remembrance

None of us will ever forget 9/11 and the tragedy that occurred that day. Nor will we forget the brave men and women who risked life and limb to rescue others as well. So we all mark September 11 as a day to pay homage to those who served and those who lost their lives that day.

Every day of the year, we have people at our service when we need it most. Within a moments notice, firemen will drop everything and rush to our aid. If you get in an accident, they’ll be there. If you’re injured, they’ll be there. And, if you have a fire, of course they’ll be there. Available 24/7 every week of the year, they are there for us when we need them, and now the town of Cary is giving us a chance to show our firemen how much we appreciate them.

Garden Beds for 2 Fire Houses

Starting this Thursday, 9/11/2014, two fire stations will be receiving vegetable gardens made by us citizens through the Town’s Spruce program. Any and all are welcome to partake in making them.

Thursday will have volunteers working at Fire Station #1 off of North Harrison Road. No need to check out of work for this one, either. The work begins at 4pm and ends two hours later.

On Saturday the thirteenth, another fire station will receive the same treatment, Fire Station #6 on Ten-Ten Road. Starting at 10 am and continuing until noon, people are welcome to give back to those who give us their all.


Now, the town does not want people to just show up with out so much as a heads-up. Instead they ask participants to e-mail Ms. Sarah Justice at sarah.justice@townofcary.org. All volunteers are asked to contact her before 5pm on the eighth. All who partake must be 15 years old or accompanied by an adult. All materials and tools will be provided by the town, who asks citizens to donate nothing more than their time.

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Photo from Town of Cary.