Cary Parks #3: Rose Street Park

Part 3 in our Cary Parks series.

Cary, NC — Earning the distinction of Cary’s smallest park, it is easy to drive past Rose Street Park and not realize what you are missing. Situated at the end of Rose Street in the Burtrose neighborhood, the unassuming ⅔ acre park could seemingly fit inside the K-mart it is located immediately behind. However, for the park-goer looking for a quaint, neighborhood park, Rose Street may just fit the bill perfectly.

Rose Street Park

The list of amenities here is short; no restrooms, shelters, or picnic tables to be found. After all, Rose Street Park is essentially two residential lots, one on either side of the street, that the town converted into public space. One half is home to a small, cement basketball court that would be perfect for 3-on-3 or 4-on-4 games. A couple of benches are located court-side under a number of trees.

In fact, the entire park is surrounded by a variety of mature trees and bushes that provide both shade and separation from the surrounding neighborhood.

A short walk across the twelve space parking lot from the basketball court leads to the other half of the park. This is home to a small playground and grassy area.

A jungle gym with multiple slides dominates the mulched play area. There are also two bucket swings and an equal number of spring ride-on toys nearby to entertain younger children. Pre-schoolers and toddlers would find plenty to do here, but school age children may get bored after a short stay. Parents can rest close by on one of three benches that are within a few steps of the playground.

The grassy area located behind the playground looks to be the perfect location for spontaneous games of chase or tag, with a fence on three sides to provide a boundary for the game.

Although not a park that attracts the most diverse set of visitors, Rose Street Park provides a perfectly adequate location for the right patron. Friends planning a smaller, casual basketball game would find the court here ideal. Parents looking for a quiet place to meet up for a toddler play date would more often than not enjoy a playground to themselves. It may be small, but for those interested in what Rose Street Park has to offer, it could quickly become a favorite.

Inventory / Facilities

Small jungle gym
Mulch surface playground
2 bucket swings
2 spring ride-on toys
3 benches
Small grassy area

1 cement basketball slab
2 benches at court
12 lot parking spaces


Rose Street Park
110 Rose St.
Cary, NC 27511



Story and photos by Zach Hayes. Read more in our Cary Parks series.