Harold’s Blog: In Bed With The Flu

Report by Matt Young.

Cary, NC – As many of you know, CaryCitizen publishes Mayor Harold Weinbrecht’s weekly blog on Monday. We hadn’t heard from the Mayor this week so we contacted him by email at 7:30 am. He responded right away (as usual).

Turns out he’s got the flu and has been running a high fever. The fever broke late yesterday so he “hopes to finish it (the blog) today sometime.”

He tells us he is still weak. Seems like half the town is down with something.

“I am missing key meetings. Yesterday I did not present our legislative agenda to the Wake delegation. Tonight I was supposed to speak to 400 volunteers at a banquet. I hope to start back tomorrow with my regular schedule.”

Get well, Mr. Mayor. The publisher recommends this: https://carycitizenarchive.com/2011/01/08/recipe-jewish-chicken-soup/

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