Fox in the Hood

Story by Hal Goodtree. Photo by Permuted.

Cary, NC – Earlier this week, two users of Stone Creek Greenway in Cary reported that they were attacked by a fox. The separate instances caused Cary Animal Control to close Stone Creek Greenway for the time being.

Where is Stone Creek Greenway?

I had to look this one up and it’s only a mile from my house.

Stone Creek Greenway is proposed to run .60 miles between Davis Drive and Louis Stephens Road, there to connect with the Louis Stephens Multi-Use Trail. Only the portion behind the Stone Creek shopping center has been built.

For more info on Cary trails, greenways and biking paths, visit the Planning Department Bicycle Map.

Wildlife Returns

Is it just me or are interactions with wildlife on the rise in Cary? Just last month, we reported on a bear sighting.

70 years ago, wildlife had the run of the place. Except for downtown Cary, it was all unincorporated land, farms and woods and just a few roads.

Then came the subdivisions and the shopping centers. Bambi and Thumper took off for areas west and south.

But slowly, the wildlife is creeping back into Cary. The birds find new places to nest. The turtle in my front yard, a survivor of the construction era, now has a family.

Bears may be an aberration. But foxes are starting to seem pretty common. And they are not cute and cuddly like you see on TV.

Exercise caution if you run into a fox. Don’t feed it. Don’t get closer for a look.

Protect Your Pets

Pets are particularly vulnerable to a fox. Your pet looks like food to the fox. Town of Cary Animal Control advises:

  • Seek help immediately if you or your pets are bitten by any animals and notify officials as soon as possible.
  • Use caution when dealing with any pet that may have been harmed by a potentially rabid animal. Wear gloves and other protective clothing when helping your injured pet and stay away from any bodily fluids, especially saliva.
  • Have all pets-cats and dogs, vaccinated against the rabies virus. State law requires ALL cats and dogs four months and older be vaccinated against rabies.

For more information or help, contact Town of Cary Animal Control: (919) 319-4517

Fox in the Hood

So maybe this story is a cautionary tale. Be alert on Cary trails, greenways and bike and hike paths.

Wildlife likes a greenway, too.