History: Cedar Fork Rifles

Story and photographs by Hal Goodtree

Morrisville, NC – Civil War History came to life on Saturday as the Cedar Fork Rifles reenacted their 1861 ceremony of commission.

Morrisville in the Early Civil War

According to an 1892 speech by Fanny Lyon Lowe, a participant in the events, the ladies of Cedar Fork presented a flag to cadets and volunteers from Cedar Fork Military Academy on June 1, 1861, at Morrisville Station, commissioning them as part of the North Carolina 6th Confederate Army.

The unit was over 100 strong and was also called the Morrisville Grays.

The Reenactment at Morrisville Station

The participants employed period costume of great detail, down to folding spectacles and quill pens. Some of the ladies wore red, white and blue aprons typical of the time and a precursor to the Stars and Bars.

The words from 1861 were read and the ceremony enacted as it had been done 150 years earlier in front of the Page Plantation in Morrisville Station.



See more photos at Citizen-Photo.com/cedarforkrifles.

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  1. olivia jacob
    olivia jacob says:

    Great article and pictures. But you seem to be missing the one of the CERT members hard at work :-)

  2. Brenda McKean
    Brenda McKean says:

    the reporter got his dates wrong (1961) as well as the name of the family. It was the Page Plantation, not the Pugh House.

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