Cary Picks Siemens for EV Charging Stations

Cary, NC – According to a report on TheAutoChannel, Siemens has been selected to provide Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations for Cary.

EV Charging Stations at Public Works

This is a story that has it all: environment, energy, green business and transportation.  The new EV charging stations will be installed at Cary Public Works and Utilities Center. The main purpose will be to provide an overnight charge to a specified group of town vehicles.

As a secondary benefit, citizens and staff would be able to use unoccupied charging stations during the day.

“One of the objectives with our EV project is to assure that the installed charging stations are functional and reliable, which Siemens was able to provide to us,” said Emily Barrett, Town of Cary, sustainability manager. “Another objective is installing in locations that can be used by citizens for short-term opportunity charges during the day and by the Town of Cary for fleet charging at night. The central location of the Public Works and Utilities Center helps us to meet that project objective.”

The project is funded through the Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grant (EECBG), part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). The purpose of this EECBG project is to prepare the Town of Cary infrastructure for future electric vehicles.

Cary is among the first municipalities in the region to deploy EV charging stations.

Siemens – At Home in the Triangle

Siemens has a big presence in Cary, but it’s mainly associated with their healthcare division.

Across the Triangle in Wendell is the Siemens Energy division.

“Being involved in this project for the Town of Cary is a great opportunity for Siemens,” said Roland Lartigue, Siemens Energy, Inc., manager, EV Infrastructure. “The U.S. headquarters for Siemens Smart Grid operations is located about 30 miles from Cary, so it gives us a unique opportunity to help with EV infrastructure efforts in our own backyard.”