Super Skippers Jump To New Heights

The Cary Family YMCA Super Skippers won second place for best team in the country at the USA Jump Rope National Competition in Texas.

Info provided by Carol McGarrahan, photos courtesy the Super Skipper Team

The Cary Family YMCA Super Skippers competitive jump rope team had its best-ever finish at the USA Jump Rope National Competition this year in Galveston, Texas held June 23-26.

The team took home a silver medal in a tie for best team in the country and placed second for overall freestyle events and Large Team Show.

The Super Skippers won a grand total of 28 medals in age division events: three gold medals, 18 silver medals and seven bronze medals while also garnering more than 50 top 10 places. The team qualified for 12 events in the USA Jump Rope Grand National, an event reserved for top scorers at the competition across all age groups. In this elite category, SuperSkippers won one gold, three silver and one bronze medal.

Nearly 900 jump rope athletes from as far away as Hawaii and Alaska competed in the national competition. Forty team members from the Super Skippers competed, a record number for the team.

Jump rope is a sport that combines agility, speed, endurance and even tumbling. Several of these athletes also play other sports, including track and field. The conditioning they recieve as members of this team will set them up well for a life of fitness.

John Mangum and Olivia Enright received a Grand Nationals Gold Medal for their pairs event.

See the clip on YouTube.

Here’s a run down of the team’s award highlights:

Grand National Awards

  • Graham Booth — Third Place, Male Single Rope Speed
  • John Mangum — Second Place, Male Triple Unders
  • Amy Tarquini — Second Place, Female Triple Unders
  • John Mangum and Olivia Enright — First Place, Single Rope Pairs Freestyle
  • Sarah Chen, Ellen Emmerson, Becca Purser and Jessie Robinson — Second Place, Female Double-Dutch Pairs Freestyle (Ages 15-17)

Overall Awards

  • Matthew Russell — Third Place, Individual All-Around Male (Ages 14-under)
  • Cary YMCA SuperSkippers — Second Place, Large Team Show
  • Cary YMCA SuperSkippers — Second Place, Best Overall Team
  • Cary YMCA SuperSkippers — Second Place, Overall Freestyle Events

For a complete list of team awards visit their website

This group continues to reach new heights when they compete- congratulations to the Cary YMCA Super Skippers!

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