Editor’s Journal: Election Season

Hal Goodtree is Editor & Publisher of CaryCitizen.

Cary, NC – Municipal and County elections are coming up on Tuesday, October 11, 2011. Every vote counts and it’s a busy time here at CaryCitizen.

The Importance of Local Elections

Voter turnout is typically low in off-year, local elections. But arguably, local elections are the most meaningful and important choices we get to make at the ballot box.

County and town governments deliver many of services we use every day – water, sewage, waste, zoning, education. They are all on the ballot on October 11.

Here’s to a dream that Cary one day leads the nation in voter turnout. To that end, we’ll be covering the elections (as different from politics – we leave that to the other guys) over the next two months – who’s running, where to get more info, where to vote, etc.

To get the ball rolling, we’ve created a 2011 Cary Votes Facebook event. Join the event and help us remind everyone to vote in local elections on October 11.

A Busy Time at CaryCitizen

Election season is a busy time at CaryCitizen, both for our publication and for our commercial services.

I’ve been hired through CaryCitizen Business Services to take pictures of Mayor Weinbrecht for his re-election campaign.  True to the CaryCitizen spirit of non-partisanship (and free enterprise), any other candidates who need campaign pictures are invited to contact me. We also have an amazing pool of contributing photographers – see our Contributors page for more info.

As for campaign advertising, we are open to all candidates for public office. We will continue our policy of not accepting attack ads (not that we’ve ever see any in Cary, of course. Too civilized).

For advertising inquiries, please contact Lindsey Chester. Please be advised that space is getting tight for September and October.