Super Skipping to China

 Story by Carol McGarrahan. Above, Super Skippers in China L>R: Sarah Chen,  Jessie Robinson, Grace Forster, Dan Thompson, Alivia Canter, Kristin Andrejko and Anna Sun.

Cary, NC – The Cary Family YMCA Super Skippers team traveled this summer to China, performing on the Great Wall, in the Beijing Olympic Stadium, teaching jump rope at a university and appearing on Chinese national TV.

Coach Gary Anderson and seven Super Skipper team members Alivia Canter, Sarah Chen, Grace Forster, Jessie Robinson, Dan Thompson, Kristin Andrejko and Anna Sun stayed two weeks in Shanghai this August to work with the Shanghai University’s team and a local elementary school team.

In Shanghai, team members performed for National Fitness Day, a televised regional sports competition and at a local competition where the team’s coach, Anderson, was a judge.

Super Skippers in China

CaryCitizen had a few questions about this exceptional trip:

CC: What brought the team to China?
Super Skippers: The team was invited by the Shanghai team, and the trip was organized by Super Skipper parent Sue Dong, who is originally from China.

CC: How were the Super Skippers selected for this trip?
SS: Team members who wanted to go to China expressed their interest and they funded the trip on their own.

CC: Where did they stay?
SS:  The team stayed in student housing on the campus of Shanghai University of Sport while in Shanghai and in hotels in Beijing.

CC: What else did they do while they we there?
SS: Developed performance shows with the Shanghai team, did a jump rope workshop for Chinese children, and did some site-seeing including visiting (and jumping at) the Forbidden City, Tianamen Square, the Great Wall and a silk factory.

While in Beijing, the jump rope athletes “jumped” on the Great Wall of China and performed several times in the Beijing Olympic Park.

Team members also performed on national TV in Beijing.

Other Super Skipper News

And if a trip to China weren’t enough, the team just came back  from New Orleans where they competed against  more than 30 teams at the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) national competition in New Orleans, La., garnering 189 top 10 finishes, including 76 medals.

We look forward to hearing more exciting news from this truly world class Cary team.

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