Business: CaryCitizen Names 3 Vice Presidents

L–>R Matt Young, Lindsey Chester and Leslie Huffman

Cary, NC – Editors Matt Young and Leslie Huffman  as well as Associate Publisher Lindsey Chester were named Vice Presidents of CaryCitizen in a signing ceremony on Monday.

Hail to the Veeps

All three new officers of the company have been with CaryCitizen since its launch in 2009, helping to grow the publication to a circulation of more than 60,000 monthly.

In just over two years, CaryCitizen has had over half a million page views and grows at almost 4% a week.

Leslie Huffman, VP

Leslie Huffman is the At-Large editor of CaryCitizen. She covers the environmental beat, Go Local, recruits writers and produces the Cary Scavenger Hunt.

“Working for CaryCitizen over the last two years has been truly wonderful. I have really enjoyed meeting local business owners, volunteers and leaders in the community, and finding out what folks in Cary want to hear about. I look forward to continuing the fun we’ve started and hope we can show people a slice of Cary that they are proud of.”

Matt Young, VP

Matt Young is Managing Editor of CaryCitizen. He wrangles stories into shape prior to publication and manages the sales department. Matt also writes about the Carolina Panthers, local authors, profiles, homesteading and covers the police department.

“The past couple of years have been a blast. The idea of making something a reality that the town of Cary clearly needed has been satisfying to say the least. The CaryCitizen team is smart, creative and passionate. But most importantly, being part of telling the hyper-local story of Cary, quite possibly the best town in America, has been an honor.”

Lindsey Chester, SVP

Lindsey Chester is Associate Publisher of CaryCitizen. She manages operations for the company and writes about theater, fashion, Downtown Cary, real estate and municipal affairs. Lindsey also edits the CaryCitizen Calendar of Events.

“What I most enjoy about being a part of the CaryCitizen organization is the feeling of connection I have with our community.  Cary may be big in area, but we still enjoy a small town feeling. If we can help residents feel connected, we are doing our job”.

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