Cary Candidates: Zeke Bridges, At-Large

Cary, NC – We continue our Cary Candidate series with the Town Council At-Large Race. This contest will decide the seat left open by Erv Portman’s rise to Wake County Commissioner, so neither candidate is an incumbent. Today we feature Zeke Bridges, in his own words. Tomorrow, we’ll hear from Lori Bush.

All candidates have been asked the same three questions. We have not edited one word, vowel or comma of their responses. Decide for yourself how to vote on October 11, 2011.

1. Why are you running?

ZB: Zeke sees the Cary Town Council At Large seat as an opportunity to give back to the community that has given so much to him, his family and his businesses.  Through owning a business in Cary, Zeke has found that thoroughly listening to each point of view and being patient are the best ways to find middle ground so progress can be made.  His servant mentality and desire to improve our community, combined with his passion and commitment to progress will allow him to remain unbiased in conflict and make reasoned and sound decisions.  He believes this type of diplomacy is the best way to represent each of Cary’s citizens.  Zeke will roll up his sleeves and bring his business experience, sound economic philosophy and common sense to the council table to attract and create more jobs in Cary.  It will be an honor to be part of maintaining the quality of life that Cary’s citizens enjoy so that our children and future generations may enjoy Cary as well.

2. What are your top 3 priorities and how will you get it done?

1.      Economy & Fiscal Policy

  • We need to create jobs now.  We cannot afford to wait any longer.
  • We need to cut taxes and fees on small and family-run businesses and entrepreneurs
  • We need to create an environment which encourages new business growth and fosters existing businesses who want to expand and stay in Cary so that our citizens have good paying jobs that are close to where they live
  • We need to eliminate “burdensome” bureaucracies and regulations on all businesses

Zeke will bring his business experience, sound economic philosophy and common sense to the council table to attract and create more jobs in Cary so our citizens who are currently unemployed can get back to work.

One of the town’s many responsibilities is to be a good and faithful fiduciary of the trust and money of its citizenry.  The town should cautiously consider before either spending, borrowing on, or reserving those funds and the affect each result will have not only on the current citizens but future ones.  Zeke would welcome the opportunity to apply the business acumen and financial responsibility he has learned while running a small business as an at large councilmember.  While Zeke understands that running a small business and a large town is very different, there are also similarities.  Financial management is an area of such similarity.  The town should continue to maintain its high bond rating and a funds surplus.  Zeke vows to roll up his sleeves and work hard to ensure Cary citizens have the highest level of service at the lowest taxpayer costs.

2.      Public Safety

While Cary should be commended for maintaining high rankings year after year as one of the safest cities in the United States, more can still be done to keep Cary safe and become even safer.  No matter where you live in Cary, you should not only be safe but feel safe.

If the voters elect Zeke, he will vote to ensure our public safety department has the equipment and funding needed to keep Cary as one of the safest cities, with the goal of becoming the safest city in the United States.

3.      On Growth & Infrastructure

Cary is a highly desirable place to live and we can all agree we want it to remain that way.  We need to ensure that Cary continues to grow in a manner that respects property rights and the environment.  A great deal of care is required to manage growth in the commercial, residential and employment sectors of our economy.  While commercial development can be potentially lucrative, the need for balance between residential and commercial is crucial to fill the housing need for those seeking to live and work in Cary.  Obviously, we must seek a balance and look at growth issues, and their management with a measured response in hopes of accomplishing a balanced and fair result.

3. Biography & Relevant Experience

Zeke Bridges is a husband, father and an involved Cary citizen with a background in political science, criminal justice, law, business and entrepreneurship.  Zeke is married to his lovely wife Grace and they have a daughter, Gabriella.  Growing up Zeke adopted the lessons of his parents – the importance of faith and family and a hard work ethic.

When not practicing law and running a business, Zeke interests include serving on the AVL (tech) team at his church in Cary, Colonial Baptist Church, where he is an active member and former Sunday school leader, sponsoring local charities, radio programs and missions, reading publications and books on history, politics and business, attempting to lower his golf score and spending time with his family and friends. As a family, the Bridges enjoy church events and activities, Cary’s wonderful greenways and parks and Cary’s diverse cultural events.

  • Professional:
    • Cary Chamber of Commerce
    • Heart of Cary Association
    • North Carolina State Bar
    • North Carolina Bar Association
    • Cary Bar Association
    • Tenth Judicial (Wake County) District Bar
    • NC Christian Legal Society, Raleigh Chapter
    • Front Sight Firearms Training Institute: Legacy Lifetime Member
    • National Rifle Association (NRA), Member
    • New Waverly Place Board, Board of Directors
  • Civic and community activities
    • Colonial Baptist Church: Active Member
    • Colonial Baptist Church: AVL (Tech) Team
    • Cary Chapter of the NC Police Benevolent Association: Sponsor
    • Preston Village HOA Community Watch Committee: Co-chair
    • Cary High School IMP: Donee
    • Cary High School Career Day: Participant/Sponsor
    • Women’s Council of Realtors: Sponsor
    • Cary High School Baseball: Donee/Sponsor
    • Jimmy V Celebrity Golf Classic: Volunteer

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