Fitness: 7 Ways to Stay Motivated

With the excesses of the holiday season weighing heavily, we thought we’d consult a local expert on getting into shape. And who better than Autumn Hibberd of Styles Group Fitness in Downtown Cary? Photo by Lululemon Athletica.

Cary, NC – Fitness advice often focuses on specific exercises or workouts. But for most people, the biggest hurdle is willpower. Here are my top 7 tips to stay motivated about your fitness.

1. One goal

Do you have too much going on in your life? Are you trying to do too many things at one time? It is hard to maintain energy and focus when trying to accomplish more than one goal at a time. Try making one measurable goal and accomplishing it before taking on another one.

2. Call in the troops

Lacking motivation? Call a friend, email your trainer, join an online forum, do whatever it takes to find inspiration.

3. Think positive

Instead of thinking about how hard something is, turn the thoughts to how you will feel afterwards. Yes, exercise is hard. Yes, eating healthy is not easy sometimes, but think about how you will feel after completing that tough workout and how you are benefitting your body by making healthy choices.

4. Find Inspiration

Whether it is a quote, athlete, picture, etc., find something that makes you excited and inspired to reach your goals. Look at this often! Everyone needs to feel inspired to stay focused and beat boredom.

5. Post your Goal Publicly

Sometimes all we need is to tell someone else our intention to make it happen. Share your goals with others! This will help you be accountable and stay on track. Post your goal somewhere you will see it everyday. Make it your mantra.

6. Stick with it

Staying motivated is tough. Realize that it may come and go, but don’t quit! Sometimes reaching goals can be a long journey, with bumps in the road.

7. Visualize it

Imagine yourself attaining your goal. Whether it is crossing the finish line of a marathon, fitting into your skinny jeans, or lowering your cholesterol, imagine what you will feel like when you get there.