Decorating: 2012’s New Color Hues For Home Décor

Story by Vivien Koronet of Vivien Koronet Interior Design. Photo from Benjamin Moore Paints.

Cary, NC – The new year has arrived, and color abounds! You may not see it outside given the dreary skies of winter, but the color trends for home décor in 2012 are new and exciting. So get out your color wheel and a paint roller and brighten up all the rooms in your house.

The New Neutral

In the new year we will be moving away from cream and beige toward grey as the new neutral. You will see this color in all shades, from soft grey to charcoal in addition to grey influenced by either rose or blue. This cleaner, cooler feeling neutral works well against this year’s more color saturated palette.

The Muse of Nature

Nature’s inspiration still has its influence. Green is an enduring color, and will be here for years to come. But the newer more popular shades of green lean toward turquoise and the blue greens. Think water, a life enriching force, and you will understand this new trend. That’s why blues are chic this year in any shade, from green blue to Prussian blue to cobalt.

Everything That Comes Around Goes Around!

Also on the horizon this year is bubble gum or Barbie pink. Not seen since the 1960’s, this is a great color to use as an accent in a neutral room to give it some pop! And what about the other shades of pink? Well, they are back also. Does anyone remember the mauves of the 1980’s? You will be seeing more of this color in 2012.

Think Glamour

And purple, luscious purple, can be found in all shades from magenta to deep aubergine to soft lavender rose, it’s all out there. Combine this with silver accents, and grey neutrals, and you’ve got 1940’s Hollywood glamour translated to 2012.

What a gorgeous palette!

If you have the post holiday doldrums, visualize color and all the wonderful new hues for this year. Are you thinking of making some décor changes? Keep in mind 2012’s new color palette. What an inspiration for any new interior design project in your home!

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  1. josephine boulter
    josephine boulter says:

    I love all the colors for new neutrals. I plan on using some of them!!!

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