Food: Thai Spices and Sushi Celebrates 4 Years in Cary

Story and photo by Lindsey Chester.

Cary, NC- Narong Sapsuwan, owner of Thai Spices and Sushi, came to Cary and opened his restaurant four years ago, but his journey began long before that.

Journey from Thailand

Narong’s sister had left Bangkok more than twenty years ago to “make her fortune”, and settled in the Berkeley area of California, where she opened her own restaurant, Thai Delight Cuisine. About ten years after that, she asked Narong if he could come to help her. He was married and had 2 children at the time, but made the move with his family to this country and eventually took over her business. He remodeled her restaurant and after 1-1/2 years his business improved about 50%.

He still owns that restaurant with his niece, and his sister still helps out. In fact Narong told me, he will travel to California next week to check up on things.

Choice Between Boulder and Cary

Four years ago, Narong started to think about expanding.   He visited fifteen cities that were listed as top places, finally making a choice between Boulder, Colorado and Cary, NC. When he found his current location at Preston Corners, the deal was sealed.

Narong moved first, renting an apartment adjacent to the shopping center. He left his family behind in California for 2 years, while he got started. He said when he opened in 2008 the economy was very tough to open a new business. He persevered and has survived and now business is picking up.

A Few Favorites

I frequent the restaurant for lunch and often choose a bento box. A Bento Box is a complete lunch, with salad, kimchee, spring roll, rice and a main dish (like House Curry with Chicken) all for under $10. They feature a Massaman curry shipped all the way form Bangkok, as authentic as it gets.

Other favorites include their incredibly fresh sushi. You can see the chef make his creations from most any seat in the house. One of the best are Spider Rolls, (Soft shell crab, asparagus, avocado and masago with spicy mayonnaise)  for just under $10.

Many Thai food lovers will order the Pad Thai, which is another one of our favorites. Their large platter is just under $10 and includes stir-fried thin rice noodles with ground peanuts, tofu, egg, scallions and bean sprouts. You’ll have plenty left to take home to enjoy the next day for lunch!

The staff is always friendly, and the atmosphere inside is an oasis from the usual strip mall box. With private booth and trickling fountain you will think you’ve left Cary. If you are lucky enough to live within 3 miles of the restaurant, they offer free delivery.

Go Local: Thai Sushi & Spices

Thai Spices and Sushi
Preston Corners Shopping Center
986 High House Rd (at Cary Parkway)
Cary, NC

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    Valerie! says:

    I’m so glad they chose Cary! We moved here from the DC area and frequented a similar restaurant there with a wide variety of Asian dishes, and we were so excited when we found Thai Spices when we moved here. We love this restaurant!

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