CaryCitizen Store: Chicken ‘N Bees T-Shirts

Story and t-shirt designs by Hal Goodtree.

Cary, NC – It’s time to show your Cary pride with our new line of Chickens ‘n Bees t-shirts. Great for the backyard gardener or Cary homesteading activist (or opponent, even). All offerings are available in the CaryCitizen Online Store.

Chicken ‘N Bees

“Chicken ‘N Bees” sounds disturbingly like a recipe story. But it’s not.

This is a story about apparel with a Cary message.

The message is: joy, pride, and have a little fun.

Home of the Honey Bee

Beekeeping in Cary has been in the news recently with Town Council considering action that would make it easier have a hive in Cary.

In response to an overwhelming call from citizens, we’ve produced this Home of the Honey Bee t-shirt.

This shirt is safe for everyone, even if you’re allergic to bees.

Chicken: Pets or Dinner?

Meanwhile, Town Council is also considering action on the Chicken front. No, it’s not (yet) legal to have backyard chickens in Cary, but this shirt violates no national, state, local or HOA laws.

Our Chicken Series includes three shirts:

Our Original Home of the Chicken t-shirt actually features a rooster. The ordinance under consideration would not allow you to keep roosters in your subdivision. Unless they’re on a t-shirt.

Respect for Agriculture

It’s good to see Town Council and the community interested in questions of agriculture.

Farming has historically been a part of Cary. But does it fit in a highly-educated, high-tech community?

Pick your t-shirt and celebrate a town that’s not afraid to take on the big questions.