Technology Video: Self-Balancing Motorcycle

Story by Hal Goodtree.

Cary, NC – In this installment of our S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering and math) video series, we take a look at a fully enclosed, self-balancing motorcycle from Lit Motors. Geeky kids of all ages will enjoy this one.

Lit Motors C-1

Lit Motors, based in the Bay Area of San Francisco, describes itself as a company that “designs and develops innovative and environmentally conscious transportation solutions for our growing world.”

The C-1 is a fully-enclosed two-wheeled vehicle that uses a system of weights to be self-balancing, or “gyroscopically stabilized.” It is fully electric and code-named “Rolling Smart Phone.”

Lit says the C-1 combines the efficiency and freedom of a motorcycle with the safety and convenience of a car.

Utilizing electronically controlled gyroscopes located under the floor (putting out over 1,300 lb/ft of torque), the vehicle balances at a stop and stays upright in the event of a collision. In-wheel electric motors (40 kw) provide the power and regeneration, while hub steering keeps you pointed in the right direction.

With a top speed of over 120 MPH and battery packs providing 200 miles per charge, the C-1 is perfect for commuters and city dwellers alike.

Lit expects the C-1 to be in showrooms by 2014. You can leave a deposit on one right now.

Technology Video: Self-Balancing Motorcycle

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