Weather: Record Setting Heat for Cary

Story from staf reports. Photo by Hal Goodtree.

Cary, NC – Hot enough for you? If not, you’ll enjoy the next five days with record setting heat in excess of 100 degrees.

We’re Having a Heat Wave

Friday, the temperature is expected to climb to 105 degrees, according to Saturday is expected to reach 106°F.

Sunday and Monday, more of the same. Little chance of rain during the next few days with a high pressure system parked over the South.

WUNC Radio reported this afternoon that the heat index Saturday could reach 115 degrees.

There is an air quality alert for Friday and Saturday, meaning ground levels of ozone may be excessive.

Record Temps lists the following record high temperatures for Cary (27513):

  • June 29 – 101°F (1945)
  • June 30 – 102°F (1959)

The monthly record high for Cary is 104. Looks like all three records will be shattered.

Be Safe Out There

Remember to drink plenty of fluids, wear loose comfortable clothing and stay out of the sun.Visit the pool, Jordan Lake or take in a nice, air-conditioned movie.