Shana Tucker: Show Went on Despite the Weather

Story and photos by Lindsey Chester.

Cary- Once again, PineCone‘s organizers with help from the Town Of Cary, had to plan for inclement weather for a concert scheduled at Sertoma Amphitheater in Bond Park. The storms were looming all day Saturday, so the equipment for the Shana Tucker Concert was set up in the Kiwanis Shelter. She played to a packed, and dry, crowd.

Shana Tucker at the Kiwanis Shelter

Shana in the area having moved here from New York in 2003. She had flown in for the Cary show from Vegas where she plays for the Cirque De Soleil Show “Ka”.

The audience responded well to her warm and engaging style. Despite the bad weather, the shelter was packed until the last note.

Songs About Real Life

Her songs are about real life – like being mad at “a driver who’s driving fast talking on her cel phone” or when your women’s intuition tells you that your man is stepping out.

Tucker played many originals from her album “Shine” that was selling briskly during the break and she did some very popular covers including Tracey Chapman’s “Fast Car.” Her voice was perfect for this popular selection. A few folks got up and started dancing, which she called out, to their embarrassment. But she added “its distracting- but please don’t stop!”

Another cover was “Wish I Could” by Nora Jones. Tucker said she plays it “because it’s real and honest.” The song showcased her impressive vocal range. She  played acoustic guitar for this tune, instead of the signature red electric cello called “Pretty Head.” because when she moved to this area she stated she didn’t know musicians to accompany her when she played. For Saturday’s gig she had plenty of help – on keyboards, drums and awesome bass.

The last song of the night was introduced with the question “Who likes the 80’s?” to a resounding “YES!” Tucker said, “I’m a child of the 80’s and it just does something to me” – then the bass got going with a heavy beat and she introduced the Suzanne Vega song “Tom’s Diner” which was recorded by Vega with D.N.A – Tucker did a great job of “getting the stink on” as she liked to say. The crowd was singing along and very sad to see the concert end.

As we said our farewells, the rain cleared up and we could walk out to our cars, singing this song. I think everyone shared the wish that Shana Tucker will come back soon – maybe to the new Cary Theater Downtown next year?