Public Notice: Open Data and Mobile Meeting Wednesday

Cary, NC – On Wednesday, the Tech Task Force will hold a meeting on Open Data and Mobile at Page-Walker. The public is invited.

Open Data and Mobile Meeting Wednesday

The Open Data & Mobile group is a subcommittee of the larger Tech Task Force (TTF). The subcommittee was set up last week at the regularly scheduled meeting of the TTF.

As an officially sanctioned subcommittee, all meetings are open to the public. The first get-together of the Open Data & Mobile  group will incude the election of a chairperson.

The public is invited to observe the meeting and can speak out during a “public comments” section.

About Open Data

Open Data is the term for making a stream of information available to the public and developers. Anyone can develop apps, programs or websites that make use of the data stream.

For example, a developer could take traffic info and turn it into a smartphone app.

About Mobile

PC sales are down and smartphone sales are up. Can we see a trend here?

Of course we can. More and more people are using their mobile devices to get information.

One example: wouldn’t it be nice to have a mobile app for Cary parks and greenways?

Welcome to Nerdistan

Let me confess: even though I’m a member of TTF, much of the work of this subcommittee is over my head.

You’ll hear terms like SOAP and RESTful, RDBS and 80/1080 service. I might attend just to listen and educate-up my mind. And, since this is Cary, there might be many CaryCitizen readers who know what this stuff means and are eager for a full-on Nerdistan-style throw-down.

Of course, none of this effort makes sense if we don’t translate it into plain English and turn it into useful tools for the public benefit.

I’m eager to see the results from the subcommittee on Open Data & Mobile.

Meeting Details

Tech Task Force
Subcommittee on Open Data & Mobile
Wednesday, August 29, 2012
5:30 PM

Page-Walker Center
119 Ambassador Loop
Cary NC

Meeting is free and open to the public.

You can find out more about this meeting by visiting and drilling down six levels to more information at:  Town of Cary > Town Council > Special Committees > Technology Task Force > Technology Task Force Subcommittee > Public Notices.

Or, just visit this short link:


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