Cary Plaza Carnival: Wednesday to Sunday

Story from staff reports. Photo by Brent Moore.

Cary, NC – Our good friends at Dorcas Ministries are having a full-blown carnival in Cary and you’re invited.

Cary Plaza Carnival

Rides, food, entertainment and loads of family fun are on tap for Dorcas Ministries Cary Plaza Carnival, September 26-30, 2012.

It’s like a mini State Fair, right here in Cary, from Wednesday through Sunday.

All proceeds go to support the good work of Dorcas Ministries including their Food Pantry, Crisis Counseling and educational initiatives.

See you at the Carnival!

Event Details

Cary Plaza Carnival
Presented by Dorcas Ministries
Wed-Sun, September 26-30, 2012
187 High House Road, Cary NC
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5 replies
  1. Brian
    Brian says:

    On bad carny spoils the whole darn carnival! It is a shame that this event, which is meant to raise money for a good cause, can so easily be ruined by one individual. Rides were great, kids loved them…but they are for smaller children only, families with older children won’t find much. The games are overpriced as is to be expected, but make sure you see a sign on how much a game costs before you let your child play…there is always that one dishonest carny that will con a kid into playing just to get your money, and then once they are done playing they will tally up your bill; 10, 20, 30…$100 please. Sadly we are an honest family, so we paid him as much as we had…which cost us from being able to sample the food or finish the other rides/games. I would advise to save your money for the State Fair!

  2. Dawn
    Dawn says:

    There was maybe 2 rides for older kids the rest of the carnival was games and food. We were very disappointed (especially the kids)to make the drive across town to go. No where near a mini fair!

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