Food: Local Food Bank Running Low

Story by Doc Thorne, President of the Heart of Cary Association (HoCA). Photo by Robert Couse-Baker.

Cary, NC – It’s that time of year when our thoughts turn to pumpkin pie and turkey with gravy. But it’s also a time when local food banks see a dip in donations, just as the winter season approaches.  Doc Thorne sent us an email asking for help. Today, we dedicate the Food Column to his request.

Local Food Bank Running Low

Dear Hal,

HoCA member and charitable partner Dorcas Ministries is running dangerously low in their Dorcas Food Pantry.

We are asking you to please help in two ways:

  1. Donate any non-perishable food items (boxed or canned goods which do not require refrigeration)
  2. Share this request for help with your Cary-area friends and associates.
– Doc

Who Needs a Food Bank?

According to the latest census, Cary is the wealthiest municipality in the state of North Carolina. Yet there are kids right here in Cary who only get one meal a day – and it’s at school.

Who needs a food bank? Cary, NC.

Drop Off at Dorcas

Dorcas Food Pantry is comprised of generous volunteers who spend their time sorting, organizing, and filling grocery bags of food for those in need. Sometimes, supplies get a bit unbalanced, with more of one basic item, but none of another. Right now, the overall inventory is just plain low.

You can bring your donations to Dorcas Ministries:

Dorcas Ministries Food Pantry
Cary Plaza
187 High House Road
corner of Old Apex Rd.
Cary, NC 27511

3 Drop Off Points Downtown

Doc also added that three drop-off points have been set-up in Downtown Cary:

  • Apple Insurance – 600 E. Chatham Street, hours: 9A-5P M-F
  • The Purple Polka Dot – 114 S, Academy Street, hours: 10A-5P M-F, 10A-4P Sat and Noon-3P Sun
  • Studio 180 Salon – 312 W. Chatham Street, Ste 204, hours: 10A-6P Tues-Sat


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  1. Leslie
    Leslie says:

    Thank you to all the Cary Scavenger Hunt participants that brought in canned goods for the Dorcas Food Pantry!

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