Tony Tata Survey Results

Cary, NC – Over 400 people responded to our survey about the firing of Tony Tata, Supintendent of Wake County Public Schools. Here’s an infographic that explains the results.

Data Tables Download

The following tables from the survey are available for download as a PDF:


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  1. Dean
    Dean says:

    I wanted to mention, I voted “No” for the school board rehiring Tata. My reason for voting “No” is, it won’t matter if Tata is rehired if the stupidity for him being fired remains within the school board. I think Tata deserves better than to work those whose seemingly only purpose is to undermine him and make mockery of Wake county education.

    I would have voted “Yes” if the question was “Should the school board be recall?”.

  2. RHC
    RHC says:

    I wish you had this survey to the whole county demographics. I have talked to a lot of individuals (young, old, parents, non parents, grandparents, those with children in our school system and those that do not have children in our school system)in the southwest corner of our county. they all say the same thing, the firing of Tata was the wrong thing to do for our children in our county school. Mr. Hill and the other progressives lied to get on the school board and want to take us back to segregation. They do not represent our parents and tax payers for the betterment of our communities.

  3. Joe
    Joe says:

    I just can not believe why Wake County schools are having trouble year after year after year.. with many areas… Something is terribly wrong! Is it the council, the Parents, Who is or what is the root cause of all these problems???? I think the STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA should intervene if Wake county can not get this all together for the children.

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