Amtrak Video in Cary Needs Extras

Cary, NC – Amtrak is scheduled to shoot a video and commercial at the Downtown Cary station this Wednesday, November 28, 2012. Our sources tell us extras are needed for the production.

Amtrak Video Shoots in Cary on Wednesday

Now’s your chance to get into show business. From our man-about-downtown, Doc Thorne:

On Wednesday, from 7A to 4P, Amtrak will be filming their Piedmont Video and commercial here in our Downtown Station (7A-2P) and at the Raleigh Yard (2-4P). Volunteers are still needed to meet specific character expectations—bicyclist/sporty couples, elderly couple, business people men and women, young families of four or five—as well as others to be townspeople and fill out the shots.

These are noncompensated roles. Of course, Amtrak will have the specific say as to who is used where, but if you show up there’s a good chance you’ll be used.There will be over six-hours of film shot, which will be used to create 2-1/2 minutes of video.

As with most video productions, releases will need to be completed, and lunch will be provided. You may wish to use your own transportation to the Raleigh Yard (we may car pool) as the train will not come back through Cary until after dark.

If you’ve ever wanted to see what goes into making a video/commercial, or better still wanted to actually be in one, here’s your chance.

Let me know of your interest. – Doc

Email Doc if interested.

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  1. levitra generico
    levitra generico says:

    No, I’m sorry Nora the video is no longer avilable on-line having expired on February 14th, however I will see if I can find it in the archives and, if available still, email it to you. The reason it was/is only available on the Time-Warner system is it was produced for Amtrak by TW. Doc

  2. Nora
    Nora says:

    I hear this commercial’s been released, but is only available on Time Warner Cable. Any way those of us without Time Warner can see it?

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