Selling a House Over Christmas

Story by Danny Taylor, local Realtor and decorating guru for CaryCitizen. Photo by Laura Bittner.

Cary, NC- Oh the joy of the Holiday season!  This is the time of year that we make sure our home looks its best.  The parties…the family gatherings…all the social engagements that make this the most wonderful time of the year…to show and sell your house!

Forget the Fake Stuff, Make it Real

Forget all the plastic greenery and fake plastic fruit…it just draws dust!

Who loves a dusty Christmas display…not DT.  Whenever the malls pull out that same old tired fake stuff I wonder if I am the only one who wants to know if it was cleaned first?  Just say no….really.

I love nothing better than decorating with fresh fruit and greens from the garden (or the farmers market).  In lovely North Carolina we are blessed with abundant greens, but lemon and orange trees not so much. So a quick trip to the grocery and a pair of shears in the garden will set you on your path to a natural Christmas.

Don’t Wait to Market

So many people ask me “should I wait until the spring to sell?”  Frankly, if you just don’t want buyers and agents in your home over the holidays the answer is yes.

On the other hand, your house may never look better than it does around the holidays. If you are showing it off to family and friends then why not potential buyers?

Over the past few years we have seen a shift from seasonal markets….that is a spring season and a fall season.  Reason being (in my opinion), we have so much influx of population into this area of North Carolina (the Triangle) that we have not experienced the typical seasonal slowdown of other markets.

So if you ask me when I should put my house on the market my answer will be…when do you want to sell it and what is your motivation?

After the Holidays, Spruce Up!

Just remember that when all the decorations come down and are packed away you will see every imperfection your home has to offer!  Countless clients call me in January for a painter referral…no joke.

So be prepared to spruce up after the holidays and get ready to Spring forward.  You can be sure that the team at DT&CO will be ready and waiting to assist you in any and every way to accomplish your move.

Happy Holidays from the entire team at DT&CO.


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