Tis the Season…For the Guest Room

Story by Danny Taylor, local Realtor and decorating guru for CaryCitizen. Photo by Dan Budiac.

Cary, NC – The old adage that you should sleep in your guest room at least once is so true!  How else will know how to “fluff and puff” it to prepare for your guests?  This is the season when most of us have out-of-town guests for the holidays, so we want to provide a comfortable….even luxurious space (think nice hotel suite).

Southern Hospitality

Here in the South, we are known for our hospitality, so we are expected to do this correctly!  A well turned out guest room should include at least a queen bed or two twins, a good reading light, high quality white bedding, feather and foam pillows (plenty of both), a chair or bench, and a place for guests to hang no more than a few days of clothing.  I always lay out an appropriate amount of towels and also make sure the adjoining bath is stocked with any items they may have forgotten like a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoos and other luxuries in a basket or on a lovely tray.

In addition to the basics I also like to add a few of the latest magazines and fresh flowers…even a small bowl of chocolates.   Sometimes it is the little things that can mean so much.  It’s all about creating a sense of warmth, plus showing that you care for the comfort of your guest.  I do not put blackout in my guest room drapes however.  There is nothing worse than overnight company that sleeps half the day!

Rooms Do Double Duty

At my home the guest room does double duty as my home office and dressing room.  A multi-function room just makes sense in today’s economy.  I mean really, how often do you actually need a guest room?  With the price per square foot in the Triangle area averaging at $150 and up (depending on the neighborhood), it just makes good fiscal sense to make every bit of space work.  This goes back to not having blackout lining or shades!  When the room does double duty, the guest needs to rise and shine with the rest of the household.

So have a happy holiday season and pamper your guests. Though, if you come to find that you need an extra room for guests or an office give us a call. We can help!


Danny Taylor owns and operates DT &Co Real Estate,  with offices in Raleigh and Cary.