Snowy Saturday


Cary, NC  – It was in the 60’s on Friday. But a cold wind blew in overnight and Saturday morning saw the arrival of snow.

Snowy Saturday

The big, wet flakes started around 9:30 AM. By 11:00, it was a regular blizzard, the air thick with falling snow. First the deck, then the lawn, then the street succumbed to the blanket of white.

But as lunchtime stretched into the afternoon, the flakes got smaller, more granular, mixing with a cold rain. The roads, still radiating the warmth from Friday, melted the layer of white.

I went food shopping in the afternoon. A bitter wind forced Cary-ites to don parkas and pull up hoods, shielding our delicate Southern skin from the cutting weather.

By evening, the precipitation had tapered off and the temperature had plunged.We huddled at home, cooking a wintry meal of sautéed veal and roasted vegetables.

Sunday morning was bright and sharp, the remaining snow still frosting the front lawn. But the streets were dry and clear, like the sky. I put on a suede jacket and my late Uncle Conrad’s black beret, fetching a breakfast of bagels and whitefish spread from NYBD III.

Temps rise into the 50’s on Monday and for the rest of the week.


Story and photo by Hal Goodtree.