Last Moments of the Galaxy Theater


Cary, NC – CaryCitizen reader David Gill shared with us his photographs of the last moments of the Galaxy Theater in Cary.

End of the Galaxy

The Galaxy Theater, at the corner of Cary Towne Boulevard and S.E. Maynard Road, showed art films and foreign films. But the Galaxy owed many months rent to York Properties and closed their doors in November. York plans to redevelop the site around a Harris Teeter supermarket.

And so, the Galaxy came crashing down in a cloud of dust just over a week ago.

Last Moments

David Gill captured the last moments of the Galaxy. Visit Flickr to see the complete slideshow.





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  1. Laura Hamlyn
    Laura Hamlyn says:

    The Galaxy was one of the coolest things about Cary besides our greenways. I will miss all the stories, the great food, and the serendipity that your screens brought to my life. Le Galaxy est mort, vive le Galaxy!

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