weekend scavenger hunt

Weekend: Cary Scavenger Hunt

weekend scavenger hunt

Cary, NC — Fall is in full swing this weekend with the Cary Scavenger Hunt at Page-Walker. But if that doesn’t light your fancy, there are 70 other events on the Calendar this weekend.

71 Weekend Events: A New Record

Between Thursday and Sunday, we have 71 events on the CaryCitizen Calendar. That’s a new record.

Alabama Shakes takes the stage at Booth Amphitheatre on Friday.  There’s the Re-Use Rodeo and the FUMCC Consignment Sale, a trunk show at Peachy Keen and Walk, Roll, Run at Kids Together Playground.

Sertoma Amphitheatre has Mellow Melodies and UnVine’d is having an end of summer party. Garden Supply has a Fall Faire and the Jim Ferris Trio is at Doherty’s.

More details on the Calendar.

Cary Scavenger Hunt this Saturday!

But the big event of the weekend (all apologies to Alabama Shakes) is the 4th annual Cary Scavenger Hunt.

It’s a day of adventure in your own backyard as teams race around Cary collecting loot for their goody bags. On the way, you’ll visit places you never noticed and learn things you never knew about our community. Top scoring teams take home a trophy stuffed with cash.


How much cash, you ask? We’ll start by stuffing each trophy with a fat $100. Then, we’ll add another $3 for each team in your category. For example, if there are 25 teams in the adult category, the trophy will contain $175. If there are 50 teams in the Family category, the trophy will hold $250.

In short, the more competition (more teams), the bigger the prize money. We already have more than 50 teams signed up, so someone is taking home some cheddah.

But whether or not you claim a trophy, everyone’s a winner.  We even have a last place trophy (but no cash) for the team with the fewest points.

Sign up for the Cary Scavenger Hunt, coming this Saturday, September 21, 2013.