Gifts for the Gardener


Cary, NC — We all know someone with a green thumb. The person whose grass looks great year round, who knows when to mulch, water and feed, and prunes and plants with wild abandon. At Christmas they may seem a daunting person to buy for, but we’ve got you covered.

Gifts For the Gardener

Your friend probably has decent tools and doesn’t want a bulb from you, as they know best what they plan to plant next Spring. But I bet they don’t have the following items that are not only functional, but a little bit trendy.

 IPF 50 Sun Hat


gardener hat

If your friend is outside in the hot North Carolina sun, they deserve a decent hat. One that not only protects them from UV rays, but is stylish. The hat pictured above is by Jeanne Simmons and retails for only $28. Its washable and IPF 50+ to block UVB rays. It can be folded up or smooshed in a bag and it retains its shape flawlessly.

As you can see on our model, the hat has a certain air about it, wouldn’t your friend be stylish?

Proper Gardening Gloves


Maybe your gardener needs a decent set of gloves. They garden in wet materials and need to protect their hands, or they like a glove that can stand the test of time. Gloves wear out or get lost.

The three pictured are all made by Garden Works. Depending on the needs, they are all good choices. The classic leather glove will improve with age as the wearer’s hands mold the shape to fit them and retails for $26. Don’t like leather? A breathable synthetic costs $24 and is lightweight too. With the advent of having a smartphone attached to us at all times, the “Smart Grip” allows use of phone buttons through the material and costs only $12.50 made from classics leather.


vertical planter

Lastly something that is new to many gardeners, vertical “living wall” planting. We have seen this done with mesh screening and various containers in home-made containers, but the Bright Green company has come up with a lightweight and compact solution called a GroVert for folks who wish to literally garden on their walls.

They retail for $99 and will provide months or years of enjoyment depending on what the gardener decides to fill them with. Perhaps you have a narrow space on a deck or patio, or wish to see a trailing planting attached to a fence or wall. This is your solution and the kit comes with everything you need to get started.

Get your gardener something out of the ordinary, something that they will put to use for years to come. Every time they use the item, they will think of you, their brown-thumbed friend.


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  1. Cynthia P. Barnett
    Cynthia P. Barnett says:

    Thanks for giving me the term “living wall” for those lovely vertical gardens I see all around the Triangle these days. There’s one at a Duke medical center, and several around Cameron Village—the public library’s living wall spells READ in beautiful plants and flowers. What creativity!

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