Weather: Cold Weather Forces 2 Hour School Delay


Cary, NC –  The kids won’t have to wake up quite so early on Tuesday morning as a forecast for unusually cold weather has triggered a 2 hour delay by WCPSS.

Polar Vortex

In the Midwest, they’re calling it the Polar Vortex, an Arctic cyclone meandering away from the North Pole and pushing frigid air deep into the United States.

Arctic cyclones are not unusual, but this one has meandered particularly deep, shattering 20 year records for cold in the Midwest.

Cold Weather in the Triangle

Take care, Triangle residents – temperatures will plunge in a most unusual way Monday evening.

From 40° F at 4 PM on Monday to 11° at 6 AM on Tuesday morning. Wind will be from the WNW between 12 and 18 mph.

With wind chill, temps will feel like -5° on Tuesday morning in Cary.

Wake County Schools on 2 Hour Delay

Wake County Public Schools (WCPSS) have announced a 2 hour delay for Tuesday morning, January 7, 2014:

Due to forecast record cold temperatures, Wake County schools will operate on a two-hour delay on Tuesday, January 7.

When schools are delayed:

  • Before-school programs will start on a delayed schedule.
  • Breakfast may be served at the principal’s discretion if school is delayed one hour or more.
  • Athletic and extracurricular events will be canceled if school is closed or dismissed early.


In addition to checking the WCPSS website, Facebook and Twitter, parents and employees can stay informed by signing up for emergency WCPSS email notifications such as school closings, delays and early dismissals. Visit or click here to sign up.

But No Snow

If all this talk of cold weather has you thinking of snow, forget about it.

Temps will rise back into the 40’s on Wednesday.


Photo by A.J. Colianni.

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  1. Gary in Cary, NC
    Gary in Cary, NC says:


    Right away, unhook the garden hose from the outside spigot to prevent any freeze-up, pipe burst at spigot.

    Mulch those sprouting daffodils!


    Yes, I am a Blizzard of ’77 Survivor from Buffalo, where I saw evidence of snow-mobilers breaking the roof-lights off of police cars buried in snow along Rt. 5, Lake Shore Rd, near Buffalo waterfront.

    Much brandy was consumed in those ice fishing huts on lake Erie…yellow perch were biting

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