Corner Tavern Comeback?


Cary, NC — Our friend Vanessa snapped this picture at Maynard Crossing, indicating a possible comeback for Corner Tavern.

Corner Tavern Comeback?

At this point, all we have is the sign in the window and a corroborating rumor from a friend at the YMCA. New ownership, the Y friend says.

The website appears dead since the closure last fall. No new information. No idea if the website comes with the new ownership.

The Old CT

From our story in October 2013:

The Corner Tavern and Grill in the Maynard Crossing shopping center (corner of Maynard and High House) was a popular neighborhood destination for inexpensive food, drink and fun.

They had live music every week and regular specials that made for a lively atmosphere.

… Corner Tavern had opened a second location in Beaver Creek Shopping Center in Apex. That location was also closed.

… Whatever the economics, Corner Tavern was a popular location in Cary. The closure leaves a bit of a void in the social scene.

It’s always unfortunate when a place that supports live music goes dark.

But, overall, the tavern and pub business in Cary is thriving, with more venues than ever spreading across town. Patrons of Corner Tavern might find comfort at Doherty’s, RallyPoint, West Park Grill or Back in the Day Cafe. Don’t forget Hibernian, Train Station Pub andMahoney’s. Soon enough, Fortnight Brewing will be opening at Maynard and Old Apex.

I may have forgotten a pub or two in town, but it’s clear we’ll have ample places to drown our sorrows until something new comes along for Maynard Crossing.

Something new may turn out to be something quite familiar. And, we may not have long to wait.

Info from Facebook

After publication, a reader pointed us to the new Corner Tavern & Grill of Cary Facebook Page. Here’s the timeline:

  • DEC 9: The Corner Tavern & Grill of Cary OPENING SOON UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP
  • DEC 12: We’re getting excited about The Corner’s re-opening (date to be announced)! We are now hiring bartenders, servers and hosts! Please stop by The Corner Tavern & Grill of Caryfor an application, 11am-4pm Monday-Friday!
  • DEC 20: We’re making huge decisions today…………pickin’ out some tasty beers! Yum!! Good stuff!


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