Bass Pro Opening in Cary Set: Feb 12


Cary, NC — Wednesday, February 12, 2014 has been set for the eagerly awaited Bass Pro opening in Cary. The new 105,000 square foot retail space at Harrison Square will include numerous artistic and decorative elements reflecting our local landscape.

Bass Pro Opening in Cary Set: Feb 12

According to an email received today, the Bass Pro opening in Cary will be on February 12, 2014.

If you live on the north side of Cary, it will likely be bedlam on Harrison Avenue, Weston Parkway and in the vicinity of SAS on opening day.

New Store, New Street Name

The new store lists its address as 801 Bass Pro Lane. RallyPoint, also in Harrison Square, now lists its address as 837 Bass Pro Lane.

Google Maps has yet to catch up with this new designation, but Harrison Square is located at the corner of Harrison Ave and Weston Parkway.


Fishing boats in the parking lot off the newly named Bass Pro Lane in Cary, NC.

16,000 Fish Tank

If you’ve ever been to Bass Pro, you know it’s more than just shopping – it’s an experience. It’s like a cross between a theme park and a museum. With shopping.

The new Sportsman’s Center in Cary will include lots of local artwork and exhibits. From Bass Pro:

  • In the archery department, an Appalachian mountain hardwood mural features black bear, and a bull elk and cows as a tribute to the reintroduction of elk into North Carolina.
  • In the footwear department, a cypress swamp mural displays 3D cypress trees dripping with Spanish moss and wood ducks taking flight.
  • A 16,000-gallon freshwater aquarium is a focal point of the store and will be stocked with approximately 100 fish native to the area.  Native fish species include largemouth bass, white bass, sunfish, black/white crappie, channel catfish, longnose gar, bowfin and bigmouth buffalo.

200 Jobs

In their email, Bass Pro said it “has hired 200 associates from the Cary area.”

If you count contractors, the job tally increases significantly. The parking lot was packed in front of the new store on January 15, 2014:


As well, there will be an inaugural celebration for the Bass Pro Opening in Cary the night before the Grand Opening. Details to follow.


Story and photos by Hal Goodtree.

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