First Look: Bass Pro Cary


Cary, NC — The southern sun has melted the Late Unpleasantness with the Snow and I ventured forth for a first look at Bass Pro Cary. It is a world of outdoorsy wonderfulness.

First Look: Bass Pro Cary

Walk through the front doors of Bass Pro Cary and be amazed.


If you’d been to Sam’s Club or Carolina Pottery (both previous occupants of the space), the transformation is nothing short of incredible. Boats, ATVs, a forest of fishing poles and a giant fish tank overwhelm the senses. Tree trunks sprout from the aisles while wild boar survey the scene from atop the fitting rooms.


Bass Pro Shops, as the store is officially known, is set up to give the suggestion of individual shops within the larger store.

The Fishing Center has row upon row of fishing poles. Thousands of poles. More poles than all the fish in Bond Lake.


The Camping shop has everything for the outdoorsman (or woman) including tents, kayaks and cooking gear. Be careful with that deep fryer, y’all.

In the background is a multi-shelf smoker. Do not mistake it for a wine fridge. Just saying.


ATVs abound from kiddie-sized to this mucho macho Arctic Cat.


Down near the front is the General Store, home to knick-knacks, food items and woodsy home decorating.


This item was labeled “Rednek Wine Glasses.” Sure to be a bestseller in Cary.


In the back of the General Store was this item featuring cute critters holding a wooden stick. Whatever can it be used for?


At the new Bass Pro Cary, you’ll find hunting cloths, firearms, scopes and knives.




There is Men’s Wear, Women’s Wear and Work Wear, too.



One of the charms of Bass Pro Cary are the amazing wildlife displays in unexpected places throughout the store.


All the paintings, decorations and wildlife exhibits in Bass Pro Cary reflected the North Carolina landscape.

Finally, we get to boats. The Boat Center at Bass Pro Cary with prove to be a Mecca for Triangle anglers and weekend sailors.


The local visitor to the new store at the corner of Harrison Ave. and Weston Parkway will be surprised to see a flotilla of power boats lined up in the parking lot.


Who could resist this exuberant creation of fiberglass and red leather? If you own a ’62 red Corvette, this boat’s for you.



That’s our first look at Bass Pro Cary. In a word: dazzling.

Go see for yourself.


Bass Pro Cary, like other Bass Pro Shops, has gotten a street renamed in their honor. The official address is 801 Bass Pro Lane, Cary NC.

When we checked today, Bass Pro Lane did indeed show up in Google Maps (but not in search). It’s the entranceway to the Harrison Point Shopping Center.

Based upon the number of searches we’ve seen for the address on our website, visitors using GPS may get better results by searching for:

Bass Pro Cary
1801 N. Harrison Ave.
Cary, NC
Google Lat/Long Maplink:

I may have to take up fly fishing again.


Story and photos by Hal Goodtree.

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