Tiger Rock Making 1000 Meals

The Families at Johnson's Tiger Rock Martial Arts are packaging 1000 meals

The Families at Johnson’s Tiger Rock Martial Arts are packaging 1000 meals

Photo courtesy Johnson’s Tiger Rock Martial Arts

Cary, NC- Athletes at Johnson’s Tiger Rock Martial Arts studio in Cary, don’t just build up their muscles and self-esteem. They also build character.

Tae Kwon Do and Community

The group,  led by owner Bryson Johnson, has pledged to package and deliver 1000 meals to the Raleigh Rescue Mission. Over the course of several weeks the children, parents and coaches will get together for the next 10 Saturdays to make meals until they reach their goal.

Kids ranging from 5-15 years old and their parents came together to demonstrate a valued tenet in Tae Kwon Do: Community. On May 31st, they made a little headway, already making 100 brown bag lunches for those experiencing homelessness in our area.

Raleigh Rescue Mission

The Raleigh Rescue Mission provides shelter for those escaping domestic violence or who may be undergoing such financial hardships as underemployment/unemployment. In the month of December alone, they provided 2,494 nights of lodging to those in need right here in our community.  The Raleigh Rescue Mission helps to get these people back on their feet.

According to Tiger-Rock Instructor, Bryson Johnson, “The greatest honor for an instructor is to see their student taking the internal benefits from their lessons and using them for the good of the world. When this happens, there is no better reward!”

Building Heart and Soul

A significant part of being a martial arts athlete involves participating in community service opportunities like this one. And while many believe the role that martial arts plays is to develop great physical strength, a program can build up more than just the body of the student, but the heart and soul.