Cary Scavenger Hunt – Watching for Clue Bombs


Cary, NC – Wouldn’t you like some fun hints about how to win the Cary Scavenger Hunt? Start looking for Clue Bombs! 

CaryCitizen is adding to the fun with our favorite past time: Clue Bombs! But you can only find them if you “get Social with us” on Facebook and Twitter. That’s where we drop the occasional hint to keep life interesting.

What’s a Clue Bomb?

We invented the Clue Bomb in the lead up to the event last September.  We hoped  potential participants would have a better idea what the clues require, and that it would pique interest. It worked. Lots of fun questions were asked and teams signed up, and created a fun dialogue.  Some Clue Bombs will be photos we post to Facebook. Others will be actual clues pulled from the official book yet to be published. Still others are shout-outs to our sponsors who make up a percentage of our clue destinations.

Get Social

Where can you find a Clue Bomb? The easiest way is by following CaryCitizen on Facebook . Several times a week there will be a Scavenger Hunt update.

Like to Tweet? Look us up on Twitter (@CaryCitizen) or search for  #CaryScavHunt. Anything related to the Hunt will have that moniker.

Using these two social media channels, we post information about Cary several times a day. Sprinkled within those posts, in the weeks leading up to the Cary Scavenger Hunt, will be hints at what we are going to include. Clue Bombs.

We may have taken a fun photo that we share on our adventures creating the clues. Or we may pose a question that might help find a location that will be used in the event. You never know, but it helps to pay attention.

Here’s a hint that was already dropped this past week- maybe it’ll give you an idea what to expect:

Bow strings on the greenway- can you tell me how I got here? It may help you in your Cary Scavenger Hunt quest on Sept 13

Bow strings on the greenway- can you tell me how I got here? It may help you in your Cary Scavenger Hunt quest on Sept 13

Our sponsors have also been encouraged to post things about their own plans for the event day. Look on our sponsor page, and start following these businesses. They may have special offers, they may repeat things we have posted. Its all part of our hopes to have a fun social media environment surrounding the event. Cary’s a tech town, right?

Event Info

Cary Scavenger Hunt
Saturday, September 13, 2014
Check in at 9:00am, winners announced at 3:00 pm

Starts and Finishes at Page-Walker Arts & History Center
119 Ambassador Loop in Downtown Cary

Tickets- Teams of four+ $49.