Arctic Freeze Takes Aim on the Triangle


Cary, NC — Temperatures in the single digits are headed to the Triangle this week. We could break a record for coldest recorded temperature in Cary on Wednesday and Thursday.

Arctic Express Bears Down

A huge arctic blast stretching from Montana to New England and reaching south to Arkansas and Tennessee is lumbering across the U.S. toward North Carolina.

  • Temps will plunge overnight Wednesday down to 8°F
  • High Thursday of just 21°
  • Temps drop further down to 2° Thursday night
  • High Friday of 24°

Record Lows

Both nights could set local records for low temperatures: 7° for Wednesday (1958) and 11° for Thursday (1979).

Average Temps in Feb for Cary

Average temps this time of year?  56° to 34° (average daily high-low).

Take a Blanket in the Car

Wear proper winter clothing if you are going to be outside for any extended period of time. Throw an emergency blanket in the car if you have to drive around.

Next Week

Next week, temps rise to the 40’s. Not exactly balmy, but better than arctic.


Picture and weather data from AccuWeather. Additional data from the National Weather Service.

Grammatical data from articisms. Viz: whether or not to capitalize arctic:

The Arctic Institute of North America writes in their style manual:

Capitalization: “Arctic” is capitalized when it is used as a noun (“the Arctic”). Used as an adjective, “arctic” is capitalized when it refers to the geographic region (i.e., Arctic communities) and lowercased when it refers to very low temperatures (i.e., arctic gale).

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