scavenger hunt

2015 Cary Scavenger Hunt: What to Expect

scavenger hunt

Cary, NC — Registration is now open for Cary’s Biggest Adventure: the Cary Scavenger Hunt.

6th Annual Cary Scavenger Hunt

In its sixth year, The Hunt, as we like to call it, will take teams to the four corners of Cary as they decipher our cluebook questions. Their quest? To win the most points, to be declared winners and to earn trophies and cash prizes!

Who Are Our Teams?

Teams may register in three different categories:

  1. Family Teams of 4 must have some parents and kids in the mix
  2. Adult Teams of 4 are typically unrelated adults over 18
  3. Corporate Teams of 4 represent a company they all work for. A company can sponsor their employees, and, that day, they will sport shirts with their company logo on the back.

Our teams are competitive, and many have played before. But that doesn’t mean you can’t win. And heck–the adventure is in the strategy and figuring out the answers to beat the competition to a location. We have a Cary newcomer signed up already!

When is the Hunt?

Saturday, September 12, 2015; 8:30 am
Page-Walker Arts and History Center, 119 Ambassador Loop, Downtown Cary

8:30 am – Morning Check-in/official Cary Scavenger Hunt T-shirt pick-up
9:30 am – That’s when teams get their clue books and take off on their adventure
1:30 pm – All teams must return. Points are deducted for lateness
3:30 pm – Winners are declared!

What to Expect – Fun & Lots of It!

The Cary Scavenger Hunt is, above else, fun–but here’s what else you can expect.

Get to know Cary–and each other! You will take hilarious team photos at many of our clue locations. You will strategize to get from place-to-place as fast as you can. Declare a captain and find out who’s good with maps and GPS.

Food! Breakfast will be served in the morning from Toast Cafe and from the Richards Advantage McDonald’s. You will sample food along the way and at the finish. The Finish Area has more food to sample as well as fun activities from our many Booth Sponsors.

Make donations to area non-profits. Bring food for the Dorcas Ministries Food Pantry and used electronics for Kramdem Institure to earn some extra points (more about that later).

Raffles. Prizes are raffled by our booth and clue sponsors – anyone can win!

Live Scoring! Meet our judges (who are some of Cary’s celebrities). They will score your points on computers. Scores will be projected live on flat screen monitors at the finish, so you’ll know where you stand in relation to other teams.

What Do Teams Win?

The top three teams in each category win special Cary Scavenger Hunt trophies. Each 1st place team is guaranteed at least $250, but that number can go up if we get more than 60 teams competing. Tell your friends about the hunt. The more teams, the more $$$ for our winners!

Sound like fun? Register now!

How Do You Register?

Registration is open. If you register before July 1, 2015 and use EARLYBIRD in the promo code area, you save 20%. Otherwise, team registrations are $50 for family and adult teams and $100 for a corporate team.

Other Ways to Get Involved

If you own a business, we are still seeking some Clue-Level sponsors and some booths for our finish area. Contact Lindsey Chester at or call 919-244-6463.

If you would like to volunteer to help make the event a success, shifts are from 8-10 am or from 12-3 pm. Let us know, we’d love to have you. Happy Hunting!

Follow CaryCitizen on Facebook to watch for clue bombs and updates leading up to the 6th annual Cary Scavenger Hunt. It might help you to win!


Story by Lindsey Chester.