Business: CineBistro Moves Ahead


CineBistro will open in Waverly Place later this summer.

Cary, NC — CineBistro, set in Cary’s Waverly Place Shopping Center, is finally closer to its opening date. CaryCitizen attended a behind-the-scenes media tour to watch the installation of a new movie screen and to learn more about what’s coming.

CineBistro to Open in Waverly Place

The media tour was led by Fred Meyers, VP of CineBistro Food and Beverage Operations, and included a look at two theaters and a projection demonstration.

Fred Meyer VP of CineBistro Food & Beverage Operations

Fred Meyer, VP of CineBistro Food & Beverage Operations

Surprises Led To Delays

After several delays and four sets of revamped plans, CineBistro will open later this summer in Cary’s Waverly Place Shopping Center. When we asked why the business has been so slow to open, Fred frankly said that, “When doing an up-fit of a commercial space, you never know what you will find when you start opening up walls.” The space was previously Waverly Place Cinemas until 2001, and most recently housed a Beyond Fitness gym.

These surprises have led the owners to push back from their original plan to open in Fall 2014. See CaryCitizen previous story

Member of the media checking out the seating

Another member of the media checks out the seating

Luxury Experience

We saw cozy theater spaces, some as small as 40 seats and some as large as 80, with plush leatherette reclining seats and swivel tables set in spacious rows.

Theater screens span wall-to-wall with state-of-the-art projection. CineBistro will have six theaters in all, three of which will show traditional 2D films and three for 3D. Fred explained that the theater will be showing first-run movies for a mostly-adult crowd. For shows after 6pm, patrons must be 21 and up and will be asked to show ID. Before 6pm, children may attend shows with an adult or guardian.

Fred went on to say that CineBistro’s research found: “there’s a niche for a moviegoer who really appreciates the finer way to view a movie, who’s looking for finer amenities”

The premium “adult movie experience” will include white tablecloth quality food, service and beverages. After 6 pm, the crowd will be strictly over 21 with no G-rated films planned (leave the kids at home with a sitter). A full bar with 28+ bottles of wine will be offered, and there will be 12 beers on tap along with a signature cocktail menu.


This is not a “Stimulus Tuesday” theater. Tickets will start at $14.40 for regular shows after 4 pm with a $3 up-charge for the 3D theaters. Movies before 4 pm and children will run $12.00.

Patrons will be encouraged to arrive about a half hour prior to showtime to place dinner and cocktail orders. They can also purchase tickets online in advance for their reserved seats. Waiter service ends when the movie begins, after that patrons can visit the concessions to place orders and be given a pager when orders are ready.

Opening Late Summer 2015

Fred stated the theater should have their certificate of occupancy in late summer if the balance of construction goes according to plan. CineBistro is now in the process of hiring staff from an office in Waverly Place and plans to employ more than 60 staff members.


Story and photos by Lindsey Chester.