Beauty: What is a “Blowout?”


Editor’s Note: What is a blowout? Our friends at The Green Room, a new blowout, bronzing and brow bar in Cary, clear up the confusion.

What is a Blowout?

It consists of a thorough shampoo followed by your hair being blown dry with a handheld blow dryer and round brush. Your stylist will “rough dry” your hair using the dryer and their fingers in order to remove all excess water. Once your hair is about 80% dry, it will be sectioned, and your stylist will begin to use the round brush and tension to pull your hair out smooth.

A blowout can give someone with curly, unruly hair a smooth look, while it can provide someone with limp, fine hair loads of volume. Most “blow dry bars” or salons will offer a menu of finished styles or looks available. After your hair is fully dry, your stylist will finish your look with hot tools like a curling wand or flat iron. You are left with clean, bouncy, perfectly styled hair for the next few days. A blowout is the perfect thing to treat yourself to before a party or big event.

Blow Dry Bars

You may wonder – can you get a blowout anywhere, or do you need to go to a “blow dry bar?” It may vary. Many stylists at traditional salons can and will blow your hair out after a cut or color service but do not typically take appointments for just a shampoo and style service.

Blow dry bars do nothing but blowouts – no cut and no color. They employ stylists who specialize in styling hair and stylists who are fast and efficient with their brush and tools. Most blowouts can be performed in about 45 minutes, allowing you to be in and out in under and hour. Treat yourself to a blowout, and take the hassle out of styling your own hair.


Story contributed by Leslie Ferrell from The Green Room. Photo by Jari Schroderus.


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