Airbrush Spray Tanning – Get the Facts

Editor’s Note: Leslie Ferrell from The Green Room in Cary tells us about airbrush spray tanning – with safe ingredients and application by a technician, not a machine, they’re a great choice for a natural glow.

Cary, NC — As we all know, prolonged sun exposure is dangerous. It can cause skin cancer, and it even ages you – those “dark spots” you see are sun damage. Save your skin in 2016 and try a spray tan instead.

Get the Facts

Tanning, whether outside or in a tanning bed, damages your skin and causes pre-mature aging. Though we know we should wear sunscreen daily and monitor our time in the sun, sometimes we just want a bit of color.

That’s why airbrush spray tanning is a great solution. It’s safe, and it offers instant results. If you’ve had a spray tan before, you likely stood in a closed-in booth that sprays tanning solution all over you. Custom airbrush tanning, which is offered at The Green Room and other salons, is done completely by-hand instead. A trained technician will customize your tan to suit your skin tone and desired results. The tanning solution contains a safe ingredient called DHA (dihydroxyacetone), which is a sugar derivative that reacts with the outermost layer of your skin to change its color.


Your beautiful resulting tan will last anywhere from five to 10 days. You can prolong your tan by prepping your skin prior to your appointment and by using proper moisturizing products post-spray tan.

A common concern of most first-time airbrush tanners is the fear that their tan will look too dark or result in an un-natural orange color. Don’t worry – spray tanning brands have greatly improved in the past few years and now offer all natural, botanically infused, moisturizing solutions that both look and wear better than ever before. Your trained technician will customize both the color and intensity of your tan, leaving you with either a warm wash of color or a deep, dark tan.

For more information on custom airbrush spray tanning, contact The Green Room.

Story contributed by Leslie Ferrell from The Green Room. Photo by Rachel.

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