HB2 Fallout Hits Cary

Cary, NC — This week, two cancellations in Cary have highlighted protest against HB2. One was a show by Ringo Starr; the other was 250 jobs from Deutsche Bank.

HB2 Causes Uproar

House Bill 2, also known as HB2 or the “bathroom bill,” was enacted by a special session of the North Carolina General Assembly and signed by Governor McCrory on March 23, 2016. Its passage has caused an uproar across the state, the nation and internationally.

Read the legislation: House Bill 2.

The legislation was crafted to counter an ordinance by the Charlotte City Council barring discrimination and accommodating transgender bathroom use.

Read more about HB2 on Charlotte Observer.

Across North Carolina, HB2 has drawn passionate support, but even more passionate opposition.

Polarizing Effect

HB2 has had a polarizing effect across the state.

Supporters of the legislation say it protects public safety and is in response to a radical action by the Charlotte City Council.

I signed bipartisan legislation to stop the breach of basic privacy and etiquette, ensure privacy in bathrooms and locker rooms. – Gov. Pat McCrory via Twitter

Opponents say it is discriminatory and legislative overreach.

“This bill essentially repeals 50 years of non-discrimination efforts and gives lawmakers in Raleigh unprecedented control over our city and local governments” – Sen. Democratic Leader Dan Blue

Business Backlash

The business backlash has been fierce. Miramax, Fox and Lionsgate have all cancelled film production plans in Wilmington. Paypal has changed its mind about a 400 person global operations center in Charlotte. Google, Facebook and Apple have all spoken out against HB2.

HB2 Impacts in Cary


The fallout from HB2 did not take long to reach Cary. Earlier this week, Deutsche Bank announced it was freezing plans to add 250 jobs in Cary.

Read the statement from Deutsche Bank.

Today, Ringo Starr cancelled his upcoming show at Booth Amphitheatre. ““I’m sorry to disappoint my fans in the area, but we need to take a stand against this hatred,” Starr said in a statement.

Read the statement from Ringo Starr

Story from staff reports.

6 replies
  1. kathy burdi
    kathy burdi says:

    This bill has been badly misrepresented by the media. I strongly urge you to read it yourself before making a judgement. To the celebraties protesting: it is interesting that they have had no problems performing in other cities or countries where discrimination is blatent such as Egypt or Dubai. In those countries Homosexuals are put to death

    • Greg Pavlik
      Greg Pavlik says:

      >>This bill has been badly misrepresented by the media.

      It’s actually worse that most of the media is reporting it.

      >> I strongly urge you to read it yourself before making a judgement.

      If you have read it, I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you didn’t realize the full implications of the law.

      >> where discrimination is blatent such as Egypt or Dubai. In those countries Homosexuals are put to death

      They’re holding Americans and American culture to a much higher standard. We’re America. Why shouldn’t we hold ourselves to much higher standards than Egypt or Dubai?

    • steve
      steve says:

      Kathy, I agree with Greg, you are significantly misunderstanding the issues here. First, the law itself: In addition to the fact that trans individuals need to use the bathroom they were identified at birth to need to use regardless if that was correct or not (do you really want Caitlin Jenner in the Men’s room confusing at 8 year old boy?) it nullifies local communities rights to pass ordinances protecting its citizens. If a town wants to pass a rule saying businesses cannot discriminate against Gays, they now cannot. In addition it has restricted their ability to pass minimum wage laws so if a higher cost of living part of the state decides it wants to help workers get out of poverty by raising minimum wages, now they cannot.

      That interference in local communities is just as bad as the legislated discrimination the state created. For republicans of all people – those small government advocates – to say a City government cannot decide its own rules and the big government needs to decide it for them – is a massive hypocrisy. When the Supreme Court ultimately nullifies these laws folks in favor better just take there come up-pins as they are getting done to them what they did to the communities of this state.

      Another way to look at the hypocrisy. A big reason used to explain why the GOP is against gun control is that the law will only punish those who follow the rules, criminals will get guns anyway. That’s a reasonable argument. However now the governor and the legislature have taken the exact opposite stand and said that all trans people are somehow a threat to everyone, even those who just want to pee in peace and safety. It’s ridiculous.

      • steve
        steve says:

        Oh and don’t forget the law also bars you from suing for discrimination OF ANY KIND in state court.

      • Think about it
        Think about it says:

        I’m not making a stand one way or the other but simply pointing out the complexity of this. Steve, you use the Caitlin Jenner example like it’s straight forward. Caitlin Jenner still has the genitalia of a man and is sexually attracted to women. Are you comfortable with your underage daughter in the restroom under these circumstances?

  2. Burton Hill
    Burton Hill says:

    HB2 is costing us more than money. It has allowed this state to become a late night joke. Our Governor must repeal this law immediately.

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