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Cary, NC — We had lunch recently at Nazara Indian Bistro. Great room, delicious food, you must go.

Nazara – Overall Impressions

Nazara is located in the Cornerstone shopping center at the corner of Davis & High House.

I have low expectations for restaurants in shopping centers, but Nazara features a beautiful dining room with modernist decor and the most plushy, soft white leather banquette seating anywhere. You sink into it like butter.

Lunch at Nazara

Nazara, by the way, means “beautiful scenery,” according to their website.

Lunch is buffet style. All the items you might expect were present in the long, well-stocked buffet – biryani, paneer, aloo zucchini, butter chicken, tandoori.


But Nazara also had a couple of unexpected items. I loved the Spinach Pakora, a dish of delicately fried, spinach-leaf fritters. I also tried the Goat Kidney Curry, which was fantastic.

The service was very good, at the table and the buffet. The room was designed to be calm and subdued, not noisy like some restaurants. The booths offered plenty of privacy while still allowing a nice view of the room.

Dinner, Too

Nazara serves lunch and dinner.


We didn’t eat dinner, but the menu looked tasty and interesting, including Crab Caldine, a Goan specialty, Rack of Lamb with ginger and spices and a Pan Seared Duck Breast with lemon rice and coconut tamarind chutney.

Catering to a Wide Range of Tastes and Diets

Nazara has choices for lovers of meat and seafood, vegetarian, vegan, Jain friendly and gluten-free.

For those with diets which restrict them to meals with wine and cocktails (*raises hand*), Nazara has a full bar.

Nazara – Location

Nazara Indian Bistro
1945 High House Road, Cary, NC
Map link

Nazara is two doors down from H Mart, a Korean grocer opening soon in the spot previously occupied by Lowes.

Following our lunch, we saw a crew of workers cleaning out the old supermarket after months of inactivity, so perhaps we can hope for more info soon from H Mart.

Story by Hal Goodtree. Photos by Jessica Patrick.

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