Academy/Chatham Intersection Starts Closing at Night

Cary, NC – Downtown Cary’s extensive project to repair and improve Academy Street is moving into the final stretch but this means new closures and detours starting this week.

Intersection Closure Starts

As of Monday, May 16, 2016, the intersection at Academy and Chatham Street is closed during the night. Starting at 7 PM, the intersection will be blocked off for construction crews until 7 AM the following morning.

In addition, the entire intersection will be closed all day Saturday, sealing off at 7 PM on Friday and not reopening until 7 AM on Sunday.


Kyle Hubert, senior engineer for the Academy Streetscape project, said barring unknown obstacles, the intersection should be open to its usual schedule in August. The town already came across unknown obstacles working on the south end of Academy Street, so investigations are going on at the Academy/Chatham intersection.


New Open Roads

When the Academy/Chatham Street intersection is closed, Hubert said traffic will be diverted through Harrison Avenue and Chapel Hill Road.

In the meantime, the other intersections along the south end of Academy Street are set to open soon, with Hubert saying he is more optimistic about the Academy/Dry Street intersection allowing regular traffic to return.

The other intersection opening up is Academy/Page Street, which is set to reopen in late May or early June.



Academy/Chatham Street Intersection
Closes at 7 PM, opens at 7 AM
Closed all day Saturdays
Opening fully in August

Story by Michael Papich. Photos by Hal Goodtree and from Google Maps.